Hello, and welcome to A Better Birth.  I seek to provide the most supportive, nurturing services possible to an expectant mother and her growing family.  It is my hope to help you find your inner strength, confidence and trust in your body as you approach the birth of your baby.

With experience as a classroom teacher and massage therapist I will work with you on your journey of building your knowledge base and preparing yourself and your family for your upcoming birth experience.

To support you, I use my personal and professional birth experiences.  I have four beautiful daughters. Three of my daughters are of my own womb and I am blessed to have a fourth daughter who was created and raised by another confident, powerful woman.   My three childbirth experiences were vastly different.  My first was a hospital birth of 31 hours which ended in a c-section. My second was a 5 1/2 hour home birth experience which reconfirmed my faith in my body’s ability to grow and birth babies.  My third was a very rapid, four hour, labor through which I danced, moved, smiled and laughed almost to the very end. All have left a lasting impact and have taught me valuable lessons I can use to help you as you navigate the birth you seek.

My three babies provided me with both a challenging time breastfeeding and easy experiences.  With 4 years of breastfeeding experience, I’m glad to help you establish or refine your breastfeeding relationship should you have the desire to do so.

I look forward to sharing myself and my services with you.

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